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About Me

My name is Mollie. I am married to my best friend Gavin and homeschool our two little boys, Finn + Kipling. I grew up reading the Little House series, and have always wanted to live a life that mirrored Laura’s even in the smallest way, despite living in the 21st century in southern California or now coastal Maine. I love spending time outside, whether splashing in the waves at the beach, hiking the hills behind my house or reading books with my boys on a blanket in the backyard, and I crave a wilder, simpler life. I believe God has a wilder love for us than we will ever know, and I hope to learn more of what that means with every day that passes.

Finn is an avid reader who loves Choose Your Own Adventure stories as well as The Magic Treehouse series. He wrote his first book The Magic Treehouse #12 – The NorthWest Train after inspiration struck reading several books in the series. He also loves to ride his bike, solve mysteries with the neighbor kids and thinks his mom’s sourdough waffles are the best food he has ever eaten.

Kip is an artist at heart… he loves to experiment with different mediums, from modeling clay, to paint, markers and legos. He is constantly creating, sharing his work with others, often times when words are not enough. He also loves to climb trees, fish for rainbow trout, ride his bike, and would live on a diet of sugar if his mom allowed it.