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If I bought the bike new it would have been around $3000 more, so even without a warranty I still saved $2650. I have never owned anything but used bikes. Out of 10+ bikes, I have only had one bad experience and it wasn’t a disaster. Even though you can’t inspect an “online” bike, typically you have purchase protection via PayPal or your credit card. Rode a gen1 Bronson down in Moab yrs ago with a literal hole in the downtube from a rock strike.

Same goes for cars / trucks / motorcycles etc. Buying a lightly used ‘demo’ at a discount from a shop.. Well that’s the cat’s ass if you can find it…

After a week if this i’d had enough and asked to close the account. I have made the car look the way i always wanted it to, lots of hard work has gone into building this car. Will be purchasing my new car soon so it can sit in the garage until the right buyer comes by. Lowballers can…well…use your imagination. Braking industry is very important, that’s why PowerStop is here to cover you up and provide the best solution for your vehicle’s braking problem.


He earns cash back on purchases using KOHO, monitors his credit score for free using Borrowell, and earns interest on savings through EQ Bank. Low trading fees at 0.20% and multiple fiat currencies supported. Scotia iTrade is one of the largest brokerage platforms in Canada. This Scotia iTrade review covers its fees, pros, cons, and alternatives. You can easily transfer funds from your Scotiabank chequing or savings account.

All this goes into a damn bike decision. Some people are totally fine with riding a clapped out bike. For them, yeah buy used and get a rad deal. For people who expect their bike to be working just like it was when new, no way. Buy previous season models on sale and sell them after two years.

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Prices are hazy guesses, it has been a couple years since I worked as a mechanic. Adding chainring, chain, cassette, spoke replacement, dropper service, etc. adds up quickly. Sometimes the total cost of purchase and repair would exceed a solidly spec’d new bike. Robust trading platform for experienced and active traders. A robust trading platform for experienced and active traders. A Scotia iTrade brokerage account offers do-it-yourself investors access to a variety of investment accounts, products, and trading platforms.

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There are SO many leftovers out there that are deeply discounted. You can get a “brand new” bike for often times 20-30% off retail when the bikes aren’t even 12 months “old”. Used maybe if you are new to the sport and want to just try out a beater bike to see if you like riding. No offense, but this is like the worst case scenario….

The last shop I worked at was pretty awesome, we would allow potential used buyers and sellers to meet at the shop and provide a free inspection and service quote. We would generally refrain from appraising the bike and only provide a repair bill to get the bike running well. This usually worked out well for all three parties, especially when the seller was honest and aware of their bikes condition. Former Yeti owner here, I can honestly say that my 575 was the worst FS bike I have ever owned. It was an aluminum frame, so no issues there. But the rear just constantly gave out no matter how much psi I put in shock or how much fiddling I did to it.

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I have a couple stocks that are losing money now and I have no way of selling the shares right now. Bought 10 used bikes over the past 15 years, 8 frame-only, 2 complete, from Pinkbike, eBay, and from friends. I’ve only bought 4 new bikes/frames in my lifetime. Overall I’ve been happy with buying used; almost all came as-advertised or the seller worked out a return . Of the 2 used frames that broke, both companies offered to crash replace the frame at an attractive price so I wasn’t SOL. Banshee and Ibis have great customer service.

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Also the Yeti owners i know all ride hard… But don’t tend to keep bikes too long… I demoed a 130 and really liked it, just out of my price range. Had one shop guy say they tend to get squeaky, heard the same about Evil. Anyway, I’d only buy a Yeti with a warranty and of course they don’t offer a model below $5k so it’s ripmoAF FTW this year.

  • Former Yeti owner here, I can honestly say that my 575 was the worst FS bike I have ever owned.
  • This Scotia iTrade review covers its account offerings, trading platforms, fees, pros and cons, and alternatives.
  • If you don’t know your way around a bike then maybe buying used isn’t for you.
  • I buy a “new” used bike every year and as long as you’re patient you can find 1-3 year old bikes that have barely been ridden and are essentially brand new. is the #1 resource for the Coating Industry in Canada with hands-on coating and painting guides to help consumers and professionals in this industry save time and money. If you guys, are interested in getting a brake kit or a set of caliper covers, we will be glad to provide you with our special forum members discount. Just get in touch with our sales reps and they definitely will find something for you.

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First time I bought used I had no idea what I was doing. I actually traded a 2017 Trek X-caliber 7 for a 2010 Stumpjumper carbon. Let’s just say when I brought it for a tune it needed literally everything replaced.. $1100 later I ended up riding it once and parted it out and got close to what I paid total back. It’s totally a buyers market especially in New Zealand.

I also don’t have any withdrowing issues or platform bugging. But if I do, i’m sure that customer support service help me. So far i’m trading for two month and not gonna stop.

I found a used Transition scout for a friend for $1500, 2 years old. I can tell you right now, the build quality and spec is much better than anything you can get for $2000 on the brand new market at the moment. They should have gone through the Pinkbike listing and give examples of good and bad deals. If the bike has seen a pressure washer a lot they might seize anytime. I bought mine knolly podium (full susp.) for 1100$ and im loving it. Id buy a new one if they still make them now.

The reality is I can’t get a bike for less than 6k with the level of kit I have. How much do you figure you’re getting for 2 year old bikes as a percentage of what you paid . Bought a demo bike this last year and was surprised itrader review to know that it comes with full warranty as if the bike was used at all. “Custom” either means they don’t know what they’re talking about, or the bike is over-priced. P.s. Buying used is a great option when you know the seller.